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Winter 2020/21 issue 57 now available

Paddler 57 contents

Winter 2020/21 issue 57 contents

Check it out! The Paddler magazine winter issue…

The International magazine for recreational paddlers.

Buy the printed copy here…

By Richard Harpham (Canoe Trails)

The Wylie Diary
By Sarah Thornely (Supjunkie)

Testing, testing
Panda Board Sport quick release waist belt

The beginnings of Flow
By Adam Evans

Sideslipping a canoe
By Ray Goodwin

The River Tay
By Carmen Kuntz

An interview with…
Richard Fox by Corran Addison

Croatian 1,000 islands
By Elaine Farquharson

Feedback on the river4
By Jamie Greenhalgh & Chris Brain

Meccano in the shoe
By Chris Evans

Canoe Focus British Canoeing’s 24-page magazine

Downwinding in Finistere
By Helen Treherot

Scandinavian SUP adventures
By Lucinda Norris

The forward stroke
By Bill Vonnegut

Watching wildlife
By Rupert Kirkwood

FreeStyle canoeing and music
By Bruce Kemp

Music And Paddling
By Zack teperman

Ireland’s Upper Nore
By John Campion

Jordan Wylie – The Great British Paddle
Photo: Alfie Marsh

Additional thanks to:, James May, Dale Mears, Andrew Oughton, Angela Ward, Tony Tickle, Antoine Lamielle, Georgina Maxwell, Paul Klonowski, Marc Ornstein, Bob/ Elaine Mravetz, Jim Lewis, Rick Lalonde and Robert Carroll.

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Editor of The Paddler magazine and Publisher of Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and Windsurfing UK magazines

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