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LATE SPRING 2020 ISSUE 53 now available


Check it out! The Paddler magazine latest issue…

The Paddler features stories from right here in the UK to worldwide.

The International magazine for recreational paddlers.

Buy the printed copy here…

Earth Paying homage to Mother Earth
Ken Streater

Black Dog Outdoors charity
Lynne-Marie Dale

Mastering the J-stroke
Ray Goodwin

An interview with… 
Dane Jackson

Bridging the gap initiative
Emer Carton

Fashion vs function
Corran Addison

Slave to the river
Bartosz Czauderna

Coursing through America
Martin Trahan

What is freestyle?
Chris Brain0

Covid-19 Skerrie’s paddle
Richard Janes

Canoe Focus
British Canoeing’s 24-page magazine

Lockdown paddles
60 paddlers and their ideal lockdown paddle

Surviving the pandemic – a paddler’s guide
Thomas Mogenson

Canoe heeling – part one
Marc Ornstein

Breathe and paddle
Jaden Hunter

Paddle Logger
Sarah Thornely speaks to founder David Walker

Testing, testing

Standard Horizon HX300E VHF radio review

Palm Ace PFD review

Palm Paw shoes review

Atlantic Ocean paddles review

Additional thanks to:
James Bebbington, Sal Montgomery, Andrew ‘Jacko’ Jackson, Bren Orton, Evan Moore, Kalob Grady, Nick Troutman, Rowan James, Catriona Woods, David Bain, Leif Anderson, Yan Kaczynski, Ryan Heck, Jessyca Viens Gaboriau, Mike Shaw, Pete Astles, Lyn Jackson, Paul Klonowski, Bruce Kemp,, Matt Mario, Curtis England, Paddy Dowling, Dimitri Vandepoele, Dale Mears, Richard Davison, Turnip Towers and

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  1. How do I get a print subscription to Paddler?

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