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Paddle Florida in Europe


Paddle Florida staff traveled to Europe on a working vacation promoting Paddle Florida along the way. The main point they would like to make is that Paddlesports was thriving everywhere they traveled.

Their first stop in Copenhagen revealed a business on the canal there, KayakRepublic. Karoline introduced them to their operation and told them about another organization, GreenKayak, which has established as an organization that cleans up local waterways. Since 2017, they have removed over 12,000 kg of waste from the waterways. Their idea has since expanded to several locations in Norway, Germany and Ireland. Paddle Florida commended them on their efforts!

Next, Paddle Florida visited Riga, Latvia, where kayaking is also very popular. They did a night paddle on the Daugava River, which runs through the heart of the city – a real treat. They traveled on to Poland where they witnessed paddlers of all types on the Vistula River in Warsaw and paddled it in Krakow. Near the end of the trip they met a dynamic young couple in Krakow who have a start up called SUP Kultura or SUP Culture. Santa and Sara invited Paddle Florida to paddleboard with them on their last day in Krakow – another unexpected treat!


Paddle Florida had one day left before leaving Copenhagen, so they took a short train ride to Malmo, Sweden, where again they saw serious paddlers plying the canals there. All in all, it was a great experience for Paddle Florida to learn that the paddling community extends across the globe.

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