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SafeTrx introduces a new versatile Search & Rescue application


SafeTrx introduces a new versatile Search & Rescue application for outdoor adventurers using mSafety from Network Communications Europe, part of the Sony Group.

SafeTrx, the marine tracking and alerting technologies suite built by 8 West Consulting, has been significantly augmented with the addition of the mSafety wearable and platform provided by Network Communications Europe, part of the Sony Group.


Developed for Sony’s coming mSafety wearable, the new SafeTrx app features emergency alerting, activity tracking and health monitoring. Using 4/5G IoT Cat-M1 communication, the wearable, which is IP68, is directly connected via mobile data networks to the SafeTrx Command & Control solution. It uses the latest bi-directional data network to continuously transmit position, speed and other information to safety authorities. This means that, in the event of an emergency, they can respond quickly using the SafeTrx Command & Control solution. Bi-directional communication also allows the safety authorities to send information back to the user’s wearable, confirming that his or her alert has been received.

The SafeTrx application will incorporate features such as location tracking, weather and tidal information as well as activity-specific screens. Speed and distance can be calculated using the GPS position. All this means users can track the details of every voyage, run or ride they take.

The wearable’s display faces and data fields are customisable via the SafeTrx smartphone app, so users can choose exactly which information they want to see on their wrist and how they want it to be presented.

This new solution was announced yesterday at the World Maritime Rescue Congress in Vancouver ( and is due for commercial launch at the end of 2019. The concept is being showcased at the SafeTrx booth #510 at the congress.

“After years in the marine rescue tracking and alerting app space, SafeTrx knows that athletes and adventurers need reliable, functional and convenient tools, which is why we chose this Sony high-tech wearable.” said John Murphy, 8 West Consulting CEO. “This is what the SafeTrx user tribe has told us they want, and we are delighted to work with Sony to bring it to them. Our production and design partner for the device is a global brand name in consumer electronics, with a stellar reputation for product design and manufacturing quality. We will make the device available in  the twelve countries where the SafeTrx Command and Control solution is already in operation before releasing it globally.”

Anders Strömberg, Head of the Wearable Platform Department, Network Communications Europe, commented, “SafeTrx is a proven leader in the non-GMDSS marine tracking and alerting area, and we are very pleased to have them as a partner. mSafety leverages several Sony patents and technologies to meet the people-monitoring needs of segments such as mobile health and personal safety; where very long battery life, cost-efficient connectivity and robust design are crucial. The SafeTrx team has proven to be a visionary partner when it comes to applying our unique technology for their users. We’re looking forward to continuing our cooperation with them in the future.”

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