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View from my canoe

‘View FROM my canoe’ is a canoe-based photo sharing Facebook group. The theme is simple, only post photos taken while inside your canoe. Members have been extremely creative posting interesting views, sharing insights and detailed trip reports. The group has a popular weekly #funfriday post where members are asked to share very specific themed photos. Recently a group logo was created to help generate funds, which will be entirely returned to the group in the form of canoe camping gear give-a-ways. VFMC has grown into a fantastic community of canoeists from all over the world.

How It Started:

The group was initially created back on November 17th 2016 with no idea it would grow and evolve so quickly. A couple personal friends were added early on and we slowly began to private message anyone that might be remotely interested. From there the group numbers expanded rapidly. We’re currently at 4,600 active participants and have new members joining each and every day. Members have been fantastic helping promote the group within their own social circles and clubs.

The Idea:
The original thought for the group evolved from frustration with other online forums (various reasons…spam, politics, advertising, group agendas, ect…). I was looking for a group where the theme was straight forward and adhered to. I canoe and sea kayak but found some of the groups I belonged to were almost anti-canoe. There really wasn’t a canoe only photo sharing group to be found. While off for minor surgery, I took inspiration from a popular kayak only group and put my own spin on it. That’s how view FROM my canoe came to be. For members it’s about staying true to the original theme and enjoying the pictures and stories. Members share a common love for canoeing, photography and the outdoors.

FB group link:
Group sticker and apparel:
The “best of” view FROM my canoe 2018 video:

View from my canoe

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