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Balkan Rivers Tour 3 – final week

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Photos: Katja Jemec

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Mreznica River Action – Croatia
At low water levels, this Mreznica River in Croatia is a playground for those who want to drop waterfalls but with limited consequence and risk. While the river is running at a fraction of its spring flow, small, pool-drop waterfalls means you can get airborne with your friends watching from below.

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Mura River Flotilla – Slovenia
The final week of Balkan Rivers Tour 3 was packed with on water protests and creative actions. As the team rolled into Slovenia they were ready to make sure their message was heard loud and clear. Rivers of Slovenia are worth more running free than dammed. With 80 people on the water this flotilla was a sight to be seen and a few days later a similar creative action was held on the Sava River, with 75 participants on the water.

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Final Protest – Ljubljana, Slovenia
On the last day of BRT3 the team took to the streets in Slovenia. With an open letter and petitions signed by hundreds of Slovenian and international paddlers, river-lovers citizens concerned about water rights and rivers, BRT founder Rok Rozman walked into the Slovenian parliament in his best ‘suit’ and delivered the letter with requests to meet with the Slovenia Government accompanied by 16 NGOBalkan Rivers Tour 3s fighting for the river.


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1 Comment on Balkan Rivers Tour 3 – final week

  1. Congrats on a successful peaceful protest for free running rivers!

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