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Balkan Rivers Tour 3 – week 3

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Bukovica River, Montenegro
A little goes a long way. When 300 residents of the village of Bukovica in the mountains of Montenegro found out that private investors wanted to dam their river, they each donated 10 euro and created an NGO to fight the dam. A dedicated crew of locals met the Balkan Rivers Tour 3 team for beers by the fire to talk ideas, create a press release and organize a press conference the following day in the nearby city of Nikšić. These are the champions of rivers. The guys that don’t need a strategic plan. They take action and they stand up for their river.

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Bukovica. Photo: Katja Jemec

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Nikšić Undamaged Premier, Montenegro
Each premier along Balkan Rivers Tour 3 is unique. In Podgorica, the second largest city in Montenegro, they screened the film on a basketball court. Check out the official teaser for the Balkan Rivers Tour doucumentary, The Undamaged, here:

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Niksic. Photo: Katja Jemec

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European Rivers Summit | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Like a fish out of water, the Balkan River Tour team braved the non-aquatic, indoor atmosphere of the European Rivers Summit in Sarajevo to spread the word about their River Intellectuals Program. Kayaker, hydraulic engineer and BRT3 member Vera Knook presented the initiative which she is running, which encourages students and scholars studying rivers to connect, converse and to contribute their research to the fight for wild rivers. We are all working toward the common goal of protecting the words’ rivers, so let’s share the love and share the research! For more information check out

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

River Summit. Photo: Katja Jemec

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Krušćica River, Bosnia and Herzegovina
When bulldozers rolled into the Bukovica valley in central Bosnia and Herzegovian pushing dirt to build a hydropower dam, the community – lead by a group of bad ass women – simply said no. They sat on the bridge over the Krušćica River, blocking access to the construction site. And there they have stayed, keeping watch over their river, for the last 15 months, 24 hours a day. They have braved cold winter weather and attacks by special forces police. But this river is their water source, part of their community and part of their hearts. The BRT3 was inspired and encouraged by their bravery and perseverance and spent a night sleeping at the bridge with them, cooking a dinner and doing a private screening of The Undamaged to help keep spirts high.

Balkan Rivers Tour 3

Kruscica. Photo: Katja Jemen

@balkanriverdefence #nodams #balkanriverstour3 #kruscica #bosnia

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1 Comment on Balkan Rivers Tour 3 – week 3

  1. Good strong pissed off women, more power to their efforts to keep the river free! BT3 continue to work towards this very important mission.

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