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The English Canoe Symposium 2017

The English Canoe Symposium 2017

10th -12th November at YMCA Lakeside on Windermere, Cumbria

Draft Workshops, TBC
As always we have a fantastic line-up of coaches who will be delivering a diverse selection of workshops over the weekend; some workshops are half day, some full day and all are guaranteed to leave you inspired and thirsty for more.

Some of the highlights at the Symposium this year are as follows:

Al Pace and his wife Lin Ward guide wilderness journeys in Northern Canada. Soak up and revel in the magic created by these two passionate explorers. Allow their ethos and warmth to inspire your own leadership, and deepen the pleasure of travelling with others by canoe.

‘Quietwater’ paddling: the two different traditions of freestyle paddling will be brought to you by: Mark Maier and Lennart Bal – our European coaches, delivering ‘American Freestyle’ workshops emphasizing smooth, efficient flatwater paddling and precision boat control, but by moving in the boat to vary heel and pitch, paddling on the on and off-side.

Greg Spencer and Andy Oughton will offer ‘Canadian Style’ workshops – solo paddling tandem canoes to the paddling side, with the gunwale near the water. Expect to be blending strokes for precise boat control, most commonly without appearing to do very much at all!

The ‘Tools of the Trade’ workshop is with Lennart Bal. Drawing from marathon, OC1, expeditioning and freestyle, this workshop will help glean the gems from each and answer why different styles have developed in different disciplines.

Ivan Lawler will offer some race inspired insight into forwards paddling.

Demo Boats and Kit
As always the manufacturers and importers will be at the Symposium. You can always grab a boat in a break, but why not set a workshop aside to chat about and test out the amazing range of boats and kit.

Coach Update is available – it is critical if you wish to update that you book appropriate workshops from the specified list.

Please note that moving water workshops are dependent on river levels, but be assured that we will run as close as we can to what you book.

Evening Programme
The following is a draft, to be confirmed before bookings open on the September 1st:

Friday 8.30 – 9.30pm
Al Pace – the great Wilderness of Northern Canada (30 years a guide)
(Hedley Wing Lounge)

Saturday – early workshops & presentations: 5.30 – 6.15pm
Ivan Lawler – developing technical templates for forward paddling
(Pilkington Lounge)

Mark-Yan Dielemans – Cooking by Fire
(Covered area by tea & coffee room)

George Fell – Weather Forecasting
(Hedley Wing Lounge)


Saturday 7.45 – 8.45pm
Al Pace – the great Wilderness of Northern Canada (30 years a guide)

Ray Goodwin – Alonquin: a Wilderness Trip with Kids (Paddle, Portage & Play)
(Hedley Wing Lounge)

Saturday – 9.00 -10.00pm
Colin Skeath & Davis Gould-Duff – Canoe Around Britain 2017
(Hedley Wing Lounge)

Trade and Retail
Once again the trade and retail will be there in force. It’s an amazing place to test a great range of boats and kit.

Kit Retailers / Manufacturers
Alp Kit
Desperate Measures
Eden Wood Paddles
Solway Dory

Boat Manufacturers & Importers
Hou Canoes
​Outdoor Active with Wenonah
Silverbirch Canoes
Pyranha with Venture Canoes and Esquif Canoes TBC

Additional Demo Boats
Swift Canoes
Lake Constance Canoes

Bookings open September 1st 7.30 pm
First come first served, so don’t delay!

Unfortunately YMCA Lakeside does not allow dogs on site – sorry from the team to dog lovers & our four-legged friends.


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