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‘Paddle Pickup’: A 300km kayaking expedition tackling plastic pollution

Paddle Pickup

In three weeks, a group of women will come together to kayak coast to coast from Bristol to London via 300km of waterways. Along the way they will be collecting plastic rubbish from the canals, carrying out research and raising awareness on the problem of plastic pollution.

Did you know that eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our seas every year, a lot of this causing death and injury to marine life?

Bex Band

Bex Band

It was facts like this that drove adventurers Bex Band and Erin Bastian to put this project together. They both feel passionate about ocean conservation and wanted to do something about it, no matter how small. They believe that education is key to making a difference. Adventure is an ideal outlet as it connects people to nature and opens conversations. Their aim is simple; to encourage people to start reducing their single plastic usage.

Erin Bastian

Erin Bastian

The Paddle Pickup expedition will take 17 days in total. The team will mostly be camping each night, but have also been offered floor space from churches, schools and cadet groups who have heard about their mission and want to help out. Each day, the team will be kayaking 20km and have a gruelling 151 locks to navigate.

Following the expedition, the Paddle Pickup team are planning to do a roadshow to speak at schools and events, sharing the results from their research and inspiring others to make a change by talking about their adventure.

To find out more on the expedition, go to:

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