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Shore Tee review

Shore Tee
By Scott Edwards
Shore TeeIf you’re a surf kayaker or weekend warrior who camps out by a lake, how often are you second-guessing yourself about leaving your kayak on the ground, sand, or rocks? Well, question no more! The Shore Tee by FootStake is the ultimate in on the spot kayak storage for the campsite or beach side.

Shore Tee is a pair of stands that are easily deployed wherever you are, to get your kayak or paddle board up off the ground, keep it safe, get it out of the mud or sand and from collecting a lot of water if it should rain.

Simply pick your spot at each end of your kayak or board, push the shovel end into the ground and step on them. They will provide a firm foundation for whatever you sit on top of them due to the foam tops that cradle your vessel safely and securely.

Shore TeeWhile the Shore Tee is not something you can fold up and put in a kayak, they are very light weight and are a great addition to a day on the beach surf kayaking, surf skiing, kayak fishing or paddle boarding. I’ve even found them fantastic for putting my 18-foot sea kayak on for working on and for washing or rinsing off. A much needed reprieve for my composite shell. A lot less scratches and a much more convenient height for storage and unloading all the gear needed for a day on the water that needs to be replenished for the next day.

I like to camp out on the shore of beaches or lakes, heading back to my put in at the end of the day. I don’t have my kayak racks with me, but I don’t like leaving my kayak on the ground to get gouged into the rocks or sand or mud. So, after a day of paddling lakes in Maine or playing in the surf on the beach, having the Shore Tees with me offers me the opportunity to store my kayak more like at home than leave it on the ground.

Kayakers of many persuasions can appreciate getting their boat off the ground while not using it. So can paddle boarders, kayak fishermen and anyone who truly is committed to the care and feeding of their paddling choice.

The future
There is also more to come from FootStake for the Shore Tee. In the near future expect extended stands to raise the kayak even higher, floor stands that will make it sturdy on hard surfaces and ideal for trade shows and demonstrations.

Shore Tees are also remarkably affordable for such a versatile tool. They also make small space storage a snap. Not everyone has room for a four-by four multi kayak rack to store their kayak. Shore Tee takes up virtually no room are easy to care for, virtually indestructible, lightweight and a perfect car camping/kayaking accessory. The foam top makes it a safe home for composite kayak, giving it a soft, comfortable resting spot, while not creating any pressure points that can induce spider webbing.

No one has ever addressed so many different needs of so many different paddlers before the good folks at Lacks Enterprises from Michigan in the United States. A company that has spent most of it’s life in the automotive industry, has now taken their engineering expertise and their sourcing of state of the art materials to make a lightweight, small foot print, affordable kayak storage rack. And, had the fore thought to put in loops for either strapping the kayak down in bad weather or making it easy to secure it from being stolen.

Shore Tee

When I look at the Shore Tee, one of the things that I first noticed is its adaptability. The option to shorten or lengthen the storage system to whatever you’re paddling. Whether I have a 14-foot recreational boat for casual paddling or my battleship of a sea kayak, it’s a snap to make sure that I have distributed the weight of the kayak evenly, preventing any kind of unnecessary and potentially damaging stress.

Permanent kayak stands lack this ease of adjustment and if you are storing different kayaks at different times, it’s a chore to make sure the support is where it belongs. Of all the criteria for proper and safe kayak storage and transport is making sure you have the proper support at the proper spots. Roto-moulded kayaks can flex, which can effect their hydrodynamics and composite boat, especially loaded with gear can develop tell tale spider cracks in their hulls, creating concerning spots where weakness can arise.

‘Just Around The Pointe’
Lacks Enterprises and Shore Tees are also involved in the kayaking community. Dane Fortney, from Lacks Industries, has involved them with the ‘Just Around The Pointe’ expedition’ – Traci Lynn Martin’s attempt to circumnavigate all five Great Lakes via paddle power alone.


At the time of this writing she is past Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and has already covered over 1,000 miles in her surfski, named Bettina – meaning ‘Blessed One’. Traci also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is a debilitating Autoimmune disease, exacerbated by the constant cold. She has undertaken this expedition to inspire others with chronic illnesses or challenges to ‘Carpe Diem’… Seize the Day and live their life and have the inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Dane and Lacks Enterprises support is invaluable to keeping Traci safe and allowing this expedition to reach its goals! It’s good to see a company originally not affiliated with kayaking getting involved and supporting an expedition such as ‘Just Around The Pointe’.

The Shore Tee has a lot of advantages, affordability, durability, and adaptability to virtually any paddle craft. The one thing I would love to see in the future from Shore Tee is portability. The ability to have something like this be foldable and stored in a rear hatch, and not taking up all the usable room would make it an ideal accessory for kayak camping and island hopping.

In summation, I think Shore Tee is a really user friendly, affordable way to get your kayak up off the ground. Whether your situation is a beachside day of surf kayaking or limited space in your yard for storage, the Shore Tee by Foot Stake (Lacks Enterprises) certainly offers a great value for a very small sticker price.

They are currently available on their e-commerce site They are remarkably lightweight for their durability and strength and despite how strong they are, the Shore Tee does float and I’m sure others can find many more uses for this product than I’ve touched on here. I know I use my set regularly, from my backyard to the beach and I’m sure will serve me well for years to come.

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