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Palm Vision two-piece paddle review

Palm Vision two-piece paddle
By Peter Tranter
Selecting the correct paddle is as important as choosing the right kayak. Your first paddle may have been a cheaper type thrown in with a deal. If that’s so and more importantly, if you are starting to feel wrist pain during or after paddling, then it’s maybe time to look into upgrading.

So the next factor to consider in choosing a paddle is whether you want a one or two-piece. If you’re tight on space, then a two-piece may make more sense as it can be taken apart and stored more easily. They also present a good option when considering a spare paddle on expeditions that can easily be stowed on deck.

If your decision is to go for a two-piece paddle, then it will almost certainly offer you the option of feathering.

Palm Vision two-piece paddle

Now, whether you choose to ‘feather’ or not is down to you as the paddler and I’m certainly not going to enter that debate here and now, except to say that my own personal preference is to use a feathered paddle, which I believe in my case, reduces fatigue and wind resistance. Other paddlers will argue that feathered paddles put a strain on the wrist from the constant rotation but I believe that’s only a case for those who do not paddle often.

The Palm Vision offers you the best of both worlds. You can feather up to 60 degrees down to 0 degrees in flat mode and offers feathering at 15 degree increments.

That’s the advantage I prefer, as the feather can be changed to suit the wind direction. To make this possible, the Vision uses a ferrule system that’s quick and simple to use, based on Werner ferrule technology. Everything is highly visible, easy to understand and reassuring to use on the go.

Palm Vision two-piece paddle

Some paddlers will tell you that ferrules are just an additional fitting that can go wrong but in my experience as long as you wash out the ferrule with clean water after use, you will never encounter problems with dirt, grit and sand. Look after your paddle and your paddle will look after you.

To put it simply, if you fall into the two-piece camp and are on a low to mid-range budget for touring, then the Palm Vision offers a high performance, strong and easily adaptable blade that should be high on your shopping list.


  • 1142 g (215)
  • Blade Size: 630 cm²
  • Feather: left or right adjustable 15° increments
  • Blade: Polypropylene glass filled
  • Shaft: Glass fibre Shaft width: 30mm
  • Narrow touring blade shape with dihedral
  • Adjustable ferrule (Licensed Werner Ferrule Technology)
  • Moulded-in hand grip
  • Drip rings
  • Options: Custom length available
  • Colours: Black‚ white
  • Sizes: 215cm, 220cm, 230cm

RRP: £119.95


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Editor of The Paddler magazine and Publisher of Stand Up Paddle Mag UK.

1 Comment on Palm Vision two-piece paddle review

  1. used ten times …. hard time getting it on now it will never come apart again. I clean it every time and maintained ot correctly

    now i cant kayak as i cant afford a new one

    i needed this to get fit after a knee op.

    to say i am dissapointed is an understatement as I cant store and travel.

    i think the store i bought my kit from has great service but shit product

    this is an example of the latter

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