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Typhoon PS330 Xtreme Drysuit review

Typhoon PS330 Xtreme Drysuit
By Richard Harpham

The Typhoon PS330 Xtreme Drysuit is a fantastic blend of form and function from manufacturers with a long tradition and pedigree in the world of diving. This latest revision of their original sea kayaking model is well thought out, has many useful features and is great for a wide degree of paddling disciplines including whitewater kayakers, open canoeists through to sea kayakers.

First and foremost, the suit is extremely comfortable to wear and feels solid and dependable. This makes it a good purchase for coaches or people progressing in the sport who may be going to spend time more time paddling throughout the year or in wet sessions.

Some of the features I found extremely useful, particularly for someone who prefers to be in shorts and a rashie. Being able to remove the hood or insert my hands into a fleece lined pocket on my chest where great when coaching or relaxing. The fit is also good with inner braces to hold the suit in place, a double waist to hold the spraydeck seal in position and similarly a boot tube to fit wellies for sea kayaking.

Typhoon PS330 Xtreme DrysuitThe suit still offered a few surprises elevated to one of the best on the market for all round paddling. The reinforced knee section features a padded insert to alleviate all those achy knees when solo paddling a canoe. Equally the shoulder vent flaps that allow heat to escape out of the suit from that area (don’t worry it still retains the inner suit to prevent water ingress).

Overall I loved the Typhoon drysuit for its comfort and professional feel. It looks great and the well designed features make it perfect for kayakers, canoeists and SUPs. We spent a few days playing about using the suit for different rescues, paddling disciplines and general wet time with it passing with flying colours.

One of the most interesting endorsements of the suit was from top white water kayaker Aaron Buckingham who loved the suit once he got to try it. Although the suit is fairly expensive it does appear that it will last extremely well.

Typhoon PS330 Xtreme Drysuit

With longevity in mind, we will be tracking the suit’s performance over a longer term period, so look out for an update later in the year.


  • Detachable hood
  • Venting to shoulders
  • Knee pad inserts for canoeing
  • Fluorescent inner hood and strips
  • Hand warmer central chest pocket
  • Front pocket
  • Leg pocket
  • Double waist for spraydeck fit
  • Double lower leg for boot fit
  • Pee zip


Paddler review
Value for money 5
Durability 5
Features 5
Comfort 5
Look/feel 5

Size options:
Price approx: £649; €899


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