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Wave Sport announced as Glenmore Lodge white water kayak sponsor

wave-sport-logoWave Sport has been announced as an official sponsor of the Glenmore Lodge Paddle Sports department. The new partnership brings together Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre with one of the world’s leading white water kayak designers.

glenmore-lodge-logoHead of Paddle Sports at Glenmore Lodge, Dave Rossetter, says, “We are delighted to be working with Wave Sport. The Wave Sport team are as passionate about kayaking as we are. They manufacture a range of kayaks which represent excellent quality and unique designs. We are delighted to be working with them and know that both our Instructors and Students will benefit from the partnership.”

Dave continues, “With all our partners, we test products, which means we can help shape the design and development of future products and we’re looking forward to helping the Wave Sport fleet grow and adapt for Scottish and UK demands.”

André Goldsmith from Wave Sport says, “We are extremely proud that Wave Sport has been chosen to work with the Glenmore Lodge Paddle Sports department. The partnership comes at a perfect time, as all global operations for Wave Sport have recently moved to us here in the UK.”

André continues, “The UK has long been considered a world leader in kayak instruction and knowledge. Glenmore Lodge sits among the elite in this category with a reputation and pull that extends globally to enthusiasts and adventurers right across the paddling spectrum. We are fortunate to have a devoted and passionate team here at Wave Sport. Combining our experience with invaluable feedback from partners such as Glenmore Lodge, allows us to continue to develop and launch exciting new products for paddlers around the world. Where better for Wave Sport kayaks to be seen on the water than with Glenmore Lodge and their expert instructors with a reputation for enthusiasm and knowledge.”

There is a now a wide range of white water kayaks from Wave Sport for students to test whilst on a Glenmore Lodge course. These include creek boats, river runners, cross overs and freestyle kayaks. The Glenmore Lodge team will continue to work with other providers, such as Zet Kayaks, complementing the product on offer by Wave Sport and ensuring the best possible provision for students.

To see the full range of Glenmore Lodge Paddle Sports courses, visit

To learn more about Wave Sport products, visit


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