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Canada launches new Canoe Culture Legacy initiative

Canoe Culture Legacy

Canada launches new Canoe Culture Legacy initiative to celebrate 150 years of its Confederation.

2017 promises to be an epic and exciting year for Canada, one of the greatest outdoor playgrounds in the world as they celebrate their 150 years of independence. As well as being an incredible place to explore on foot, canoe or travelling this year as some significant new activities and attractions. For example a new zip line has been opened at Niagara Falls and Prince Harry’s Invictus Games is being hosted by Toronto in September 2017.

Canoe Culture Legacy

Equally of interest is over 250,000 lakes and 20% of the world’s fresh water to explore by canoe or kayak and over eight million hectares of national parks teeming with wild animals. Part of the celebration has been to focus on their canoe heritage with a film made up of a number of stories and is shot in a truly magic way. Absolutely worth watching although caution it may well whet your appetite for canoeing.

The Paddler Magazine and Rich Harpham will be exploring some of the wilder areas and also stand by for another long distance Canoe Race. This time it’s the 220 km Muskoka River X race race starting on September 15th.

Rich and his team mate Hap Wilson will travel along the expedition routes of these early explorers as they traverse Algonquin Park east to west from Whitney to Oxtongue Lake. Hap is an experienced paddler and eco trail builder who was awarded the Bill Mason Award for services to canoeing. See more about his work at

Canoe Culture Legacy

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