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New Aqualyte Pro kayak launched

Channel Kayaks Channel Kayaks are delighted to introduce the all-new, innovative Aqualyte Pro Kayak, developed with groundbreaking Aqualyte technology.

Gone are the days of heavy kayaks made from unpractical materials. Channel Kayaks have changed the world of kayaking with the design and development of Aqualyte, following extensive research involving world-class advanced composites professionals.

As an extremely light, robust and superior alternative to traditional materials for an affordable price, with no expense spared on the attention to detail during each stage of development, the Aqualyte Pro combines luxury and style with robustness and practicality.

Channel Kayaks

Key benefits:

  • Made with unique Aqualyte composite material
  • Made to order in the UK
  • 77% recyclable
  • Extremely low weight, approximately 30% weight saving on previous models
  • Up to 220 KG load capacity – much more than the average 160kg
  • Streamlined, incredibly stable and easily manoeuvrable
  • 64 colour combinations available
  • Unavailable in stores with no middleman
  • Available to purchase online at

The kayaks

  • Prices start from just £1,495.00
  • Four kayak variations available: Aqualyte Pro, Aqualyte Bass, Aqualyte Sport and Aqualyte Tandem
  • Various hull and deck colours available (64 colour combinations)

Channel KayaksManaging Director Byron Baker-Brown said, “Our aim was always to create a kayak with unparalleled, high quality at an affordable price, to add some excitement to the market with style and customisation options. The Aqualyte Pro is ideal first kayak or a high-performance applications. You really have to lift one up and take it out on the water, it’s a real breakthrough in technology.

“In conjunction with the launch of the new kayak, Channel Kayaks have unveiled a new, bright and bold brand and website. “This is an incredibly exciting time for us at Channel Kayaks, and we’ve used this opportunity to launch a new brand and website capable of showcasing the quality of our products and making them accessible online.”

For more information, please contact Byron Baker-Brown on: 0844 556 1505

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