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Kitvision Escape 4KW
By Peter Tranter

OK I’m not going to beat about the bush on this one but if you’re looking for a 4K camera, then this probably isn’t it. However, if it’s 1080p you are after, then look no further.

The Escape 4KW is obviously touted as a 4K unit, unfortunately, the 10fps frame rate isn’t up to the grade and though image quality is very good, even if it is upscaled and not true 4K , the stuttering nature of the 10fps makes it pretty uncomfortable to watch.

My advice is to switch to 1080p, where the camera excels, particularly in this price range of £150 or less. The 1080p records at a much better 30 and 60fps, giving much more fluid and watchable results, with crisp colourful and steady footage and that is the strength of this very capable action cam.

Kitvision Escape 4KW

The 4KW has a quality light feel to it, with an almost identical design to the HD5 and HD5W. We previously tested the Kitvision Edge HD30W, which made an excellent impression and this unit looks much the same but with a more streamlined design of fewer buttons. The main problem with the Kitvision Edge HD30W was that all of is buttons were not accessible when used with the waterproof case. All the four buttons of the 4KW are now accessible and though I’m not a great fan of repeatably pressing the same button to access features, it does make more sense with regard to the casing.

A very clear two-inch LCD display makes it a cinch to see what you’re doing with the usual couple of slots for USB and the micro card, which does not come supplied!

So what about the 12MB camera? Well its not too bad actually nd gives good reasonable results. It will never challenge a standalone camera but it does have timed, burst and time lapse modes.


The waterproof casing is easy to use with just one clasp and worked a treat down to a depth of five metres of so with the capacity to reach down to 30 metres if pushed according to Kitvision. Usage with the case is just as easy and identical to using the camera without the casing.

Download the Ez-iCam app to your smartphone and you can set the camera to be a WiFi hotspot and copy your files over to the phone or alternatively, connect via USB to your desktop.

One last item to note is the vast number of options with which to attach the camera to whatever you have in mind and they’re included for the price of the action cam.


So, if you are looking for a very affordable 1080P HD, easy to use camera that can attach to almost anything and produces excellent results – then this has to be considered. If you’re looking for a true and capable 4K action cam – then look somewhere else.


  • Upscaled 4K Video recording @10fps/upscaled 2.7K @15fps
  • 1080P Video recording @60fps/1080P @30fps/720P @120fps/720P @60fps
  • 12MP photo mode/timed/burst/time lapse
  • Built in Wi-Fi (*App required for remote view/control)
  • Built-in 2 LCD display
  • 170 degree ultra wide angle lens
  • 30 m waterproof case
  • Micro SD/micro SDHC cards up to 64GB (not included) class 10 recommended
  • High-capacity 1050mAh rechargeable battery: around 90 minutes recording
  • Built-in high quality microphone
  • Image 180 degree turnover recording
  • Weight: 61g


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