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Kayaking: Taruba is Mythic Gear’s Price-Beating Whitewater Drysuit

Mythic Gear

Mythic GearMythic Gear has released a new drysuit for fall 2016 especially for whitewater kayakers. The Taruba model – Mythic’s first to feature a tunnel or overskirt – is the lowest-price front-entry drysuit with this feature from an American company. 

A drysuit tunnel is an extra layer of waterproof fabric that secures over the top edge of a kayaker’s sprayskirt to keep water out of the cockpit during play, rolls and other maneuvers that submerge the skirt. Most commonly demanded by whitewater kayakers, a tunnel is also of value to sea kayakers who surf, paddle in heavy weather, or like to practice their Eskimo roll.

Taruba is a front-entry unisex drysuit equipped with a relief zipper, latex neck and wrist gaskets, and fabric drysocks. The suits are built from breathable, waterproof three-layer nylon fabric and are fully taped on the inside. Neoprene covers protect the gaskets from UV exposure and physical damage. TIZIP® Masterseal entry and relief zippers are flexible, easy-sliding and industry-proven on drysuits costing twice as much.

“We have had excellent response to our other low-price drysuits from canoeists, rafters and recreational kayakers, but whitewater kayakers demanded a tunnel and gasket covers,” said Mythic Gear’s president, Bob Holtzman. “It took us over a year to find a way to add those features and do it at an industry-beating price while retaining our quality standards. Taruba is by far the lowest-price drysuit of its type from an American company.”

According to Mythic Gear, the name of the drysuit comes from a legend of the Guarani people of Brazil and Argentina. Taruba was a warrior who was engaged to the beautiful Naipi, but before they could be married, the Serpent God M’Boi demanded her sacrifice. Taruba and Naipi stole away in the warrior’s canoe, but as they fled along the Iguazu River, M’Boi split the earth, creating Iguazu Falls. Undeterred, Taruba paddled right over the huge waterfall.

The Taruba drysuit is priced at US$479. It is available direct from Mythic Gear:

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