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SUP: Raising awareness of the threat to London’s waterways from plastic pollution

Thames River Relay

Thames-River-Relay-logo-smSource 2 Sea Thames River Relay
1st – 25th September

WaterTrek currently have the baton filled with Thames source water making its way down the Thames. It’s being looked after by a Lock Master tonight.  

I am sure you will all have the same feeling when you see litter in our waterways! A big part of this relay is about us raising awareness of the litter and plastics in our Thames.

Thames River Relay

We have a plan on how we will be doing this which includes the River Clean Up in London. But we would love you to get involved too And without too much effort from your part – as we know some of you are paddling longer stretches than others and we don’t know how the weather will treat us yet?!

Have you heard of geotagging? geotagged photograph is a photograph which is associated with a geographical location by geotagging

Plan for how you can get involved: 

On the River – 

Take photos of any litter (particularly plastics) you see along the route you paddle. Before setting off enable your location services on your phone for your camera phone – so all photos taken will be automatically geotagged!

After your paddle – 
Email, Twitter or whatapp the photos you take to the contact details provided below.

That’s it! Data/photos collected will be added to a pool of data that will be analysed by scientists studying plastics and litter in our waterways, working alongside WaterTrek. We are all contributing to making our waterways a cleaner place!

Thames River Relay

The Relay finishes on 24-25th Sept with a 20km SUP race to Big Ben and a paddle through to the Thames Barrier on Sunday 25th.

Relay website

Facebook page

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