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SPOT GEN3 Messenger Satellite Tracker review

SPOT GEN3 Satellite Tracker
By Richard Harpham

SPOT_Logo_2color_tagThe SPOT GEN3 Messenger Satellite Tracker is an essential piece of kit for everyday paddling, multi-day trips and longer adventures and expeditions. It provides reliable satellite tracking using the Globalstar Satellite Network detailing your location as well as messages to loved ones and emergency services. Having the opportunity to provide piece of mind to family and friends at an affordable price seems too good to be true. In fact the cost of the SPOT Messenger is less than the cost of many travel insurance packages.

Once set up and linked to your profile you can use the SPOT tracker to show your position and tracks at a predefined interval (between 10-60 minutes). It also allows you to programme a custom message to pre-listed emails. More importantly it provides an SOS signal to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre providing your GPS coordinates and information to local response teams. Since its launch the SPOT system has already been responsible for over 4,404 rescues, literally savings lives.

The SPOT Tracker is used by a wide range of adventure races across the world including the Marathon De Sables and the Yukon River Quest (the Paddler team are using and testing one for our Yukon River Quest Race).

You can opt for different service contacts or packages for your SPOT tracker depending on the level of support required. SPOT GEN3 costs about £99/€145 and is retailed by major retailers. You can also buy online at


  • SOS beacon to emergency services worldwide.
  • Pre-programmed messages to friends and family.
  • Check in/ ‘I am ok’ message signal.
  • Automated tracking linked to website.
  • Help/assist button for non life threatening conditions.
  • Downloadable SPOT Connect application.
  • Automated links to core social media.

The SPOT GEN3 requires 4xAAA batteries and includes a strap, USB cable and carabineer.

Size/weight: 5
Value: 5
Features: 5
Reliability: 5
Ease of use: 5
Durability: 4

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