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Vertical Element AirCore Pro Carbon Canoe (C1) Blade review

VE Paddles

By Richard Harpham

VE PaddlesThe VE (Vertical Element) Aircore Pro Carbon Canoe Paddle is a beautiful piece of work, strong, light and something of real pedigree. It is always a testament to the build quality of a paddle when other people make a beeline for it and ask to borrow it. This is the case with the VE Carbon Canoe Blade.

The tapered carbon shaft, and blade are 100% carbon, bonded well and feel positive and are geared for performance particularly in moving water. The blade itself is manufactured at a very high pressure to produce an extremely solid hard wearing edge. The handle is made from ash and is also very comfortable. We tested the paddle on flat water and also moving water during our training for the Yukon River Quest on the Severn, Great Ouse and Stour rivers.

Its large square blade allows powerful strokes in white water for forward paddling and also intricate combination strokes. We paddled deep bouncy wave trains, fast flowing rivers and shallow rock gardens. The paddles passed with flying colours and stood up to quite a hammering.

You can order them with different shaft lengths, a glass shaft alternative and of course the same design and manufacturing control is available in their sea kayak and whitewater range. They weigh significantly less than the majority of wooden alternatives. In summary the VE Paddle is a star performer and is great for whitewater and touring alike.

Blade dimensions
Blade area: 904 sqcm
Overall length: 553 mm
Overall width: 206 mm
Weight @ 120cm = Only 405g [+/- 3%]

Carbon paddle shaft/glass fibre alternative available.
Wooden ash handle.
12-month warranty.

Carbon blade
Weight: 5
Value: 5
Power: 5
Feel: 5
Durability: 5

Paddles prices are £169 for the full carbon, £159 for the glass shaft and carbon blade and £149 for the glass version of the paddle. They are all available from

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