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Kayaking: Boat in a backpack


Boat in a backpack offers all-in-one solution for paddling, sailing and the watersport’s market., the innovator of these unique designs, is now on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

New startup Kayacat has announced that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to produce a new concept of boat. Kayacat set out to raise £80,000 on Kickstarter to produce the first batch of their invention that is set to open the personal watercraft market to new buyers.

Matt Gomm, the Project Coordinator for Kayacat says of the design, “We see this as the lightest, most versatile, compact personal watercraft in the world. Very low cost compared to other small boats especially considering all the things a Kayacat can do. We’re seeing a very positive reaction from professionals and the public.”

Weighing in at 6kg (13lbs) for the standard model, Kayacat is light and compact enough to be carried as hand luggage on most airlines. It can be sailed, rowed, slide seat rowed, paddled, SUPed and motored with the addition of one of their range of APPs.

The trend for recreational boating is being fuelled by the addition of hi-tech watersports equipment and multi-purpose watercraft to the market and Kayacat is adding its own brand to an industry already worth an estimated $35 billion annually (data for year 2014 from

Kayacat has developed a range of APPs to choose from, which can be added to its standard model. These include a sailing APP, electric motor, fishing rod holders, slide seat rowing kit, scuba diving APPs such as boarding ladder and spare air tank holders, widening kit to allow for two people sitting side by side and has baggage space to carry camping gear or a bicycle. Of the APPs Matt also said, “There are so many APPs in the concept stage and in development. For Kayacat customers this is just the beginning.”

Having been in development for over two years, Kayacat’s unique modular design combines the stability of a catamaran with a state of the art inflatable triple-layered-laminate float system, making all of the parts interchangeable, replaceable and adaptable. It can be unpacked and assembled in under eight minutes and repacked in under four minutes. Prices on Kickstarter start at £455.

Kayacat on Kickstarter URL:

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