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Kitvision Stretch review

Kitvision Stretch

By Peter Tranter

DSC_0220The Kitvision Stretch is a lockable extension pole for use with action cams and even heavier SLRs providing the camera doesn’t weigh any heavier than 500g.

Very easy to use with a twist and lock mechanism that allows the user to determine the exact length they require, unsurprisingly working very much in the same was as the leg of a camera tripod.

Excellent for getting closer to the action or arching over a group of people, the Stretch is obviously better employed when used with a remote control. Next to the handle there is a detachable panel for attaching a GoPro remote, which I don’t currently have, so it wasn’t possible to test this feature but it seems obvious enough.

I did though use the Kitvision Edge app that allowed me to control the camera from the phone via Wi-Fi and this proved easy enough and possibly an advantage as with the phone you can observe what the camera is seeing.

No remote? Well set the camera on a timer for photos or set the record to on and edit later.

There is a comfortable rubber grip for holding the Stretch and when extended, everything feels more than stable with the locking mechanism. It feels that the pole is made from aluminium and is certainly strong enough for purpose.

This is a very handy accessory and priced at £19.99 seems quite reasonable for what feels like a quality product and when compared with the experience of a friend who recently ordered a similar product online for £15, which fell to pieces on its first outing in Cambridge.

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