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FatStick Log Rocket and Wooden Menace SUP boards

By Dale Mears

FatstickRecently two friends of mine got into SUP, both buying boards from the well known British company ‘FatStick’ with one purchasing a Log Rocket and the other a Menace. I have been lucky enough to have a good go on both of these boards recently and with the increasing popularity of SUP, I thought I would give you an insight into how they perform.

Fatstick is a British paddle board brand run by Reuben May and has been around since 2013. Reuben is a qualified surf coach and keen paddle sports enthusiast; his vision was to offer high-quality, affordable SUP boards allowing paddle boarding to be accessible to everyone.

Before I go into the review I would like to state that I am no SUP expert and I write this review as a relative beginner crossing over from my main sport of white water kayaking. The boards were both tested on flat and Grade 2 moving water – I have yet to test them on the surf.

The boards are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is a lightweight, ridged foam covered in a glass fibre skin to protect it from general wear and tear. Both boards are very well made and feature a ‘wood effect’ finish on both the hull and deck which gives a cool vintage look. The boards come with a large textured mat, which when paddling, both with and without shoes, gave a very good connection board giving plenty of confidence when paddling.


Previously I have only paddled inflatable SUP (iSUP) boards but these two rigid boards, although a little twitchy at first, are a massive step up in terms of performance. I found both to be extremely stable and I was able to paddle both, including breaking in and out of the main flow, with ease. Unlike on the iSUPs, the effort I put in I got back out, without the ‘wobbly jelly’ feeling.

The boards also came with a large central fin and two smaller fins so you can make a three-fin thruster set up, generally more suited to surfing, but can also add additional stability to the board. The fins are easy to add and remove and their position can be adjusted relative to the length of the board in order to alter the directional stability; for the purpose of this review all three fins were on and set up in the middle of the fin boxes’. Both boards have a recess on the centre of balance which acts as a carry handle.


The obvious difference between the Log Rocket and Menace was the length with the Log Rocket being the longer of the two at 10’6ft. The Menace, although slightly shorter, is wider and this adds more stability. There is always going to be a compromise between speed and stability and the Log Rocket is the faster of the two boards and tracked better in a straight line. The Menace on the other hand is shorter length and wider allowing it turns much easier than the Log Rocket.

Both boards are popular for beginner to intermediate SUPers and come in a range of sizes (board length, widths and volumes). Both come with the EPS foam core with wooden stringer (to control flex in the board), multi-tone wood veneer deck and hull with triple-layer epoxy glass finish, full deck pad, deep-set carry handle and automatic air vent (allowing air to escape from the board if there is a pressure build up due to heat).


I really enjoyed both boards and can’t wait to get out on them more!

Log Rocket
Length: 10’6 foot
Width: 30×4.5 inches
Volume: 185 litres
Weight: 12kg
Fin: One or three
Leash: Optional

Length: 10 foot
Width: 32×4 inches
Volume: 185 litres
Weight: 11kg
Fin: One or three
Leash: Optional

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