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Let’s tickle your wicket

By Sonja Jones, paddlehigh5

In Menorca I fell in love with the world all over again, and the reason? Sea Kayaking.

Rather than read about why adventure kayaking is the bees knees, if a picture tells a thousand words, I’m pretty sure this introductory film, to a series of films by Erin Bastian,  will help you to understand why.

I hope that some of your wickets get sufficiently tickled to have a go at being a salty sea dog too.

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2 Comments on Let’s tickle your wicket

  1. carlos qajaq // June 8, 2016 at 9:56 am // Reply

    Menorca is really the paradise for sea kayaking. I was kayaking some times in the past. If you want support and rent kayak, the best team is menorcaenkayak
    you can see my photos in

  2. I also highly recommend the team at Menorca en Kayak – they were very useful with hints and tips re where to camp, replenish food and water, and even to see the most beautiful of places. They also now have 5 P&H kayaks in their fleet in…where you can try the very latest Scorpio with Core Lite X technology , as well as older style Scorpios and a Delphin if that tickles your wicket.

    All highly comfortable and dynamic in the water, with oodles of space for storage…for all your camping needs and as much room as you can throw a stick at for that beautiful shell collection you might be building 😉

    Oh! And if you go to Menorca, you MUST try the seafood…it’s an absolute joy to behold.

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