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Kitvision Anchor Heavy Grip and Buoy Floating Grip accessories

Kitvision Anchor Heavy Grip and Buoy Floating Grip accessories
By Peter Tranter
No rocket science here just two hand held items that will either help the standard of your finished filming or perhaps save your camera from a final deep resting place.

Pictured here with the Kitvision Splash POV camera, these two accessories will work with most action cameras including the GoPro range.

DSC_0032The Anchor Heavy Grip is a no-nonsense piece of kit used to add that bit of weight to stabilize your footage and usefully keeping your hand out of the way of the lens.

Alternatively it can be used as an anchor weight to keep the camera rooted to the bottom of say a swimming pool for instance, to record underwater video whilst keeping the camera upright and in position. It also has a useful lanyard should you lose grip.

The Anchor weighs 200 grams and costs £17.99 and makes a useful addition to your range of accessories.

These can be further complimented by the Buoy Floating Grip. Before testing I was under the impression that the Buoy would hold the camera upright whilst recording along the surface of the water. Well it doesn’t. Instead the camera will flip onto its back and record the sky, which was a disappointment.

Kitvision Anchor Heavy Grip and Buoy Floating Grip accessoriesTo be fair to Kitvision – they at no time claim the Buoy can do this and I may have been misled by the name. Kitvision do claim though that it will keep your camera afloat – and that it does with the hi-vis yellow colour making the camera easy to spot.

Before you buy though, just test your camera in its waterproof casing to see if it sinks in the first place. Curiously, the Kitvision Splash camera refused to sink in its waterproof case, bobbing straight back to the surface, whilst a Rollei camera in its case sunk like a stone!

The Buoy Floating Grip weighs 70 grams and if you do need one, they also cost £17.99

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