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Kitvision Splash waterproof action camera review

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action Camera
By Peter Tranter

The POV action cam scene has exploded over the last few years not only in popularity but in the choices available. As we said in the last issue of the Paddler, it is GoPro who dominate this particular landscape but not everyone can justify the high price tag.

The Kitvision Splash has been around for a little while now and we’ve been giving it a try as it is one of those cameras that are much cheaper than other cameras, whilst still delivering more than acceptable HD playback. Other than that – it is about the standard box size that most these POV cameras tend to be.

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action Camera

It isn’t just the camera though. Pop it out of the box and you also find a host of clamps, attachments and straps etc for use on boats, bikes, boards, helmets, tripods – you name it!

Now I’ve seen this camera with all its extras for as low as £39.00 on the interweb and you would be forgiven to thinking that it must be a little chintzy at this price. However, you would be wrong. It has a substantial solid feel to the camera and looks well put together. The front is glossy and the edges are a nice grippy black finish.

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action CameraSo where do Kitvision cut corners in order to acheive such a low price. Well apart from not being able to access the battery, the only drawback that we can see is the absence of any flaps to protect the input slots for connections such as USB and HDMI plus the memory card slot is exposed. Taking the camera outside always requires the case so water entering shouldn’t be a drawback. The only negative I can think of is dust and small particles gaining entry when the camera is around the house without case. As for me apart from a day on the car dashboard, the camera has always been in its housing so it isn’t a problem.

Simple to operate with the top button controlling on/off and recording/shooting and deleting. The side button gives access to the choices of video, photos and playback plus setting of menus etc. On the back is a 1.7 inch LCD screen, which is enough to get you around the menus and give you a lo-res representation of what you have recorded.

The waterproof case does add the usual weight and bulk but is very secure with an excellent clasp and rubber surrounding and a couple of lines of shock absorbers to keep the camera snug, safe and in place. The case does have one major drawback however in making only the top record/action button available. The side mounted mode button cannot be accessed, which of course means you have to set up the camera before beginning a session and having to remove the camera from the case to change the modes or menus.

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action CameraThe HD recorded footage is more than acceptable in 1080P with maybe a little over saturation of colours and pixelation at times – nothing more than usual though. The video mode does have a stabilization option, which should be kept on for most occasions, it doesn’t however add much stability when off road on a bike making the video very shaky. So don’t expect a great deal unless on pretty flat conditions. Photo mode is in the usual wide lense fish eye and is good for up to 12MP.

The conclusion is a good and capable camera for the price, even more so considering all the extras that come as standard. There are better cameras out there for more money but if you just require something that is affordable to shoot and go, the Splash could be the one.


  • Video resolution: 1080p 25fps or 720p 30fps
  • Video modes: loop recording/ motion detection
  • Video frequency: 50hz/60hz
  • TV modes: PAL/NTSC
  • Photo resolution: up to 12MP
  • Photo modes: single shot/timed/ continuous shooting
  • Micro SD/Micro SDHC up to 32GB (not included)
  • Sensor: 5 MP CMOS
  • Lens: 120°, F/2.5, f = 3.2 mm
  • Screen: 1.77″ TFT LCD
  • Mini HDMI output
  • Built-in microphone + speaker
  • Rechargeable 90-min battery
  • Weight: 60 g (without case)

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action Camera

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