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Kayak Kenya with Global River Explorations

Darcy Gaechter’s, Global River Explorations, has been a great success, and Darcy and partner Don are excited to be guiding again. They had an incredible trip to Bhutan last November with an amazing crew of people; see their Facebook page for photos.

Next up on their schedule is Kenya, where they will be running a Class IV/IV+ trip in from April 30th-May 8th, 2016.

The kayaking
Kenya has long been a paradise for the world traveler, and now for international whitewater kayakers as well. For the Class IV/IV+kayaker, Kenya has a lot to offer. Like bedrock canyons? Want to work on your waterfall running techniques? Bring it on–Kenya won’t disappoint. They will run a combination of bigger volume creeks that will surprise you with their pushiness and steeper creeks with impressive horizon lines. They will also seek out big boofs, steep slides, and waterfalls. One waterfall right near their camp ‘The Mission’ is super friendly and forgiving and offers a perfect venue for practicing your hucking techniques. If the group is up for it, then a couple of exploratory runs farther afield from our base could be in order. That is part of the beauty of Kenya, there is still so much to be explored.

Kayak Kenya with Global River Explorations

The plan
The Kenya trip features six days of kayaking and two days of safari in Ol’ Pejeta National Park where they hope to see Africa’s ‘Big 5’ – the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros – plus many more iconic animals.

The cost is $3,000 USD and you will need to arrive in Nairobi on April 30th. See full itinerary and what’s included:

Bring along non-kayaking friends!
If you have non-kayaking friends or family who want to come along, no problem! Kenya has plenty to offer the dry-lander as well. From the base people can hike, mountain bike, raft and bungee jump. If people want to get more adventuresome, climbing Mount Kenya is a great nearby option as well.


If you can’t join them for Kenya, keep GRE in mind for one of your future adventures. For 2017, they will be offering a full line up of trips that span the gamut and the globe and they’ll be sending out another update soon with the 2017 schedule.

Contact Global River Explorations today to sign up. (970) 987 1104 or

Global River Explorations are under a deadline with their Kenya host and bookings will be closed by March 15th, so if you want to kayak in Kenya, get your deposits in ASAP!

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