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Joby Action Jib Kit

Joby Action Jib Kit
By Dale Mears

The Action JIb kit is the best accessory I’ve found for your action camera. It allows you to achieve a range of shots with your Contour, GoPro, Sony or any other action camera with ease. A jib kit is used to gain a wide range of shots from crane shots, low and high vantage shots, ability to track a subject, get shots from above your subject and many more.

Joby Action Jib Kit

The product itself is two bolt on attachments that can clamp onto any diameter pole or monopod. I personally use mine on my monopod as its is then easy to fold up and expand when I want to use it. This makes it an ideal companion on the river or in he boot of your car. Once set up on a monopod it takes no longer than 60 seconds to have set up making it easy to get out at a drop and quickly get the shot you want.

Joby Action Jib Kit

The mount for the camera has a GoPro mount and a screw on 1/4 inch attachment making it suitable for any camera or device. The rubber strip keeps it secure so there is no slip. The handle is plastic and rotates so as you move your arm the camera rotates so that it is always


pointing at your subject. This allows for drone like shots, super smooth panning and great angles you previously couldn’t achieve.

The jib kit is supplied in a drawstring bag with both pole attachments and a variety of bungee cord to suit a range of pole length. If you don’t own a monopod I recommend you buy one but Joby also sell the jib kit with a pole pack.

It’s super easy to use once you get the hang of it and weighing only 320 grams it’s light to carry and move around.

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