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Lunatec Aquabot

Lunatec Aquabot
By Dale Mears

I first saw the Lunatec Inc. Aquabot doing the rounds on Instagram and thought what a great idea. The concept of having a standard bottle that can spray shower, stream and mist patterns is great, I’ve seen larger versions of this concept at the garden centres but to have a bottle that is suitable to carry around is amazing.

The product itself comes in a range of stylish colours, however if you just want to buy the Aquabot lid this will fit on a number of bottles such as the Nalgene On The Go, On The Fly and 32 – 48 ov and Camelbak Eddy and Chute 63mm wide-mouth bottles. The bottle itself is also BPA free.

Lunatec Aquabot

The version I’ve had to test is the 24 ounce bottle and it is a great size, what I was surprised with is how long the water lasts. For a product that has a 25ft range, fill this bottle up and it seams to give you consistent spray for a long time! You can really use it to clean, refresh or re hydrate. I’ve found it useful for cleaning gear, drinking from and now lives in the boot all the time.

The pump mechanism is in the lid and is easy to grip even with wet hands. It’s also very sturdy to pump, at no point have I thought it would snap. From a full the bottle the Aquabot takes just six pumps to pressurise sometimes less. You know when it’s ready as you can’t put the handle back down so have to release a bit of water using the release button which is located at the back of the bottle (the grey part in the photos). To release the water you press the grey button and can either hold the button down or use short bursts of pressure. To alter the water between Jet, stream and mist settings is easy simply twist the nozzle on the bottle it couldn’t be any easier.

Lunatec Aquabot

The lid has two gear mounts to attach a lanyard or strap if wanting to clip to gear or in a boat.

There is also a neat little feature of changing your bottle between a blast mode and stealth mode. Inside the bottle is a small rubber tube that can be altered to make the bottle less powerful and silent for drinking and hydrating, as opposed to the burst mode which is used for day to day cleaning.

Lunatec Aquabot

All in all this is a well thought out bottle design that really does the job if your out and about in the great outdoors. For more information check out the videos on President and Founder Nick Rhea’s Youtube channel

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