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Calling all KAYAKERS with any of the following…

Sonja Jones

Calling all KAYAKERS with any of the following: diagnosed hearing loss, diagnosed balance disorder, muscle weakness (congenital or acquired), reduced sense of touch, or significant sight impairment. If you have any of the following, please can you take a short video with your phone/camera answering the following questions:

  1. How can “x” affect you when out on the water?
  2. As “x” is perhaps invisible to everyone around you, how do you adapt your paddling/communication with your coach/peers to ensure safe and positive paddling?
  3. If being coached or paddling with friends, what are the least helpful actions to you that coaches/peers do when out on the water together? This could be their distance from you when paddling, or if could be not taking in to account lethargy, or not checking in with you often… or anything else that springs to mind.
  4. How can coaches/friends adapt to your needs when out on the water to ensure you all have a successful day’s paddling?
  5. Feel free to mention anything else of note that could be useful for coaches when they are teaching people with similar problems to you.

It’s going to be used to be shown in a small workshop which we’re running at the GB Canoe Coach Conference about coaching people with invisible hurdles (such as the issues listed). Only a minute or so will do… but anything at all we get we will be very thankful for. It’s just so our students can hear from real life paddlers and get a real grasp from those facing challenges.

If the videos could be sent to (or by dropbox) by TUESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER

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2 Comments on Calling all KAYAKERS with any of the following…

  1. It would be good for it to be clear what the videos and information will be used for.
    Why does it need to be a video? Are they going to be for public presentation on a website? A private talk? Who retains the rights?
    How private is this medical information going to be kept?

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