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Lomo launch new range of carrying systems for kayaks

Lomo watersports

Lomo have launched a new range of carrying systems for kayaks which includes both trolleys and roof rack holders. The three Lomo trolleys could be classed as small, medium and large but they also have different features depending on which model you choose.

The Model A trolley (£27) is the most compact and because it is a ‘no axle’ design, is able to fit inside some kayak hatches. All the trolleys fold flat and have easily removable wheels. Model A and B have pneumatic wheels whilst model C (£36), the largest trolley, features the latest wide format solid rubber wheels. These new wheels spread the load over a great area and are better on soft ground than the smaller, round profile wheels. The other benefit of these wheels is that they do not puncture as they are made from solid, but pliable, rubber.

Lomo watersports

On the roof rack front there are four new products to look at. People have many different preferences of which way they like to attach a kayak to their roof rack so Lomo have J, L and V profile bars to suit whichever way works best for you.

At the top of the range is the Twin Tube J Bars come complete with mounting kit, cam straps and nose and tail ties. Roof rack attachments need to be pretty strong and robust to withstand the forces of the wind experienced during motion and the Lomo range is made from reassuringly strong , and heavy, coated steel. The range is competitively prices at J (£22) L (19.99) V (£19.99) and Twin Tube J (£32), and can be bought from Lomo’s online store or from their Glasgow outlet store.

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