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Reed Chillcheater add Avataq to their range of Greenland paddling gear

Reed Chillcheater Avataq

Reed Chillcheater are known for their innovation when it comes to fabric technology and garment manufacture. Chris Reed has been working closely with Cheri and Turner of Kayakways to produce a modern version of the Inuit sealskin hunting float, the Avataq.

It has a natural organic shape for a more traditional look and feel and is made using 14-layer polyester sandwiched butyl with rubber hand-taped seams.

Features include

  • Completely waterproof, soft and flexible with a warm fabric feel.
  • Webbing straps with grab loops mean it’s easy to handle and they offer a number of different hold positions.
  • Inflation/deflation via a simple yet sturdy manual twist valve.
  • Minimal detailing, clean lines and low branding help to keep the Avataq as traditional as possible whilst maintaining modern function.

When practising your Greenland rolling, the Avataq can be used as a stabiliser or self-righting aid; due to its buoyancy it is a great tool for training the initial stages of rolling or hand rolling as it allows you to roll slowly whilst focusing on body movement.

The Reed Avataq complements their existing range of Greenland paddling gear, which includes: Aquatherm Tuiliqs, Tuiliq Paddlesuit, Aquilisaq, Greenland Gauntlets and Wading Socks.

Reed Chillcheater Avataq

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