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Eastwood & East Kilbride Canoe Club returns to Hamilton Water Palace

Eastwood & East Kilbride Canoe Club

With the autumn now nearly upon us, Eastwood & East Kilbride Canoe Club members have headed back indoors for the winter months, following a very successful spring/summer season at Strathclyde Park where the club shares clubhouse facilities with the local sailing club SLSC.

“Hamilton Water Palace is the ideal place for our experienced paddlers to work on their skills and for newcomers to learn and develop new skills, through our team of experienced and SCA qualified coaches” Neil Bennett, the club’s equipment officer told us. “It’s also a very good social hub for members to keep in touch over the winter.”

As a thriving club, EEKCC is always looking for new members and, to this end, introduced an innovative scheme this year whereby those making first contact with the club, were invited to participate in a series of ‘Taster Sessions’ at Strathclyde Park to give them their first taste of canoeing or kayaking, in both sea and river kayaks.

“The Taster Sessions were well attended and proved very popular”, added Neil. “As a result, we had eight new paddlers for our first Water Palace session.”

“At the pool, we supply all the necessary kit for beginners; boats for juniors and seniors, paddles, etc. So anyone can come along on a Friday night at 8.15, with just their swimming costume, towel and pool fee and get started. It’s brilliant fun for all ages”

EEKCC organises outdoor paddling trips all year round, including beginner’s trips, day trips and paddle-camping weekends for sea kayaking, canoeing and river paddlers.

The club prides itself on having a great mix of members. The mix currently stands at 64% Seniors; 20% Juniors and 16% Children and ages ranging from 8 to 65plus. EEKCC’s membership is a 60 – 40% male/female split.

Enquiries to the club have increased by 11% since May of this year.

Eastwood & East Kilbride Canoe Club

“We love it when first time paddlers come along and we can help them develop over the weeks and months ahead.” said Neil. “They can learn and practice new skills every week and we’ll soon have them ready to head back outdoors to enjoy our beautiful country, its rivers, lochs and coastline.”

“Newcomers are always welcome. If any readers are interested, they should contact us through our email address which is

For more information, visit – www.eekcc  or email

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