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Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L review

Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L

These filters simply use the power of gravity to filter water and therefore require no pump action or battery power. This makes them particularly suitable for use around camp, where the filter will continue to work without any interaction from the user, freeing up time to set up tents/cook etc.

The filtration systems are built around Katadyn’s new Ultra Flow Filter, which is a pleated glass fibre filter with a pore size of 0.2 microns that meets the industry standards for reduction of bacteria and protozoan cysts. It is extremely lightweight and its pleated nature means that it has a huge surface area for water to filter through. This vastly benefits the flow rate of the system and allows the Ultra Flow cartridge to filter water up to 2L / min – the fastest filtration rate of its kind.

Glass fibre depth filters like this, in comparison to hollow fibre filters, are less prone to clogging which omits the need for back flushing. They are also much more frost resistant, making them suitable for use in all conditions. The cartridge has a capacity of around 1,500 litres but this will depend largely on the water quality used. It is therefore worth always choosing the cleanest possible water source available.

To get the most from the cartridge, Katadyn have implemented a few design features, which essentially act as pre-filters: firstly, the cartridge sits slightly above the base of the bag over a small recess called the sediment trap.

In use, gravity will pull larger particles past the filter element towards this recess, preventing the sediment from entering the filter cartridge even when all the water inside the bag has been filtered. It is also supplied with a cleanable protective screen which wraps around the cartridge. This traps the majority of any remaining suspended matter before it enters the filter. If the output rate slows, the protective screen can be cleaned using the provided sponge.

The reservoir consists of a rolltop drybag with welded seams and a water level indicator window. The outlet cap features a Quick Disconnect system which is self-sealing – until the outlet hose is connected, there will be no throughflow of water.

To fill up the bag, you can either use a separate container where available or the bag itself, taking care not to let contaminated water get in contact with the outlet connection or end of outlet hose. Roll down the rolltop closure at least three times and clip the buckles together. This can then be used to suspend the system.

To start and stop the flow of water, simply open or close the pinch valve. If you have a compatible hydration bladder (e.g. camelback), you can connect it directly to the outlet hose.

As with all portable Katadyn water filtration systems, the Gravity Camp and Base Camp Pro are supplied with an outlet hose bag, to prevent any cross contamination in transit. When not in use, the entire system packs away into the black carry bag to aid transportation.

The range will consist of two products: the Gravity Camp 6L filter and the Base Camp Pro 10L filter. The base camp pro features D-rings and a shoulder strap to aid suspension or transport – its larger capacity makes it ideal for group use when you don’t want to carry in lots of drinking water.

When the filtration systems are not being used to filter water, they can be easily converted into a solar shower using the optional shower adaptor. Simply fill with water and let the power of the sun do its job.

Price: £90 for the Gravity Camp (6L) or £100 for Basecamp Pro (10L). Replacement filter cartridge: £45. Shower adapter: £10.

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Katadyn Gravity  Camp 6L

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