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As many of you will know, Nepal was hit with a devastating 7.9 earthquake on the 25th April 2015. Thousands of people have died, thousands are still missing, thousands are homeless and even more are in need. 

Maila Gurung, one of the top kayakers in Nepal who runs a kayaking company (GRG’s Adventure Kayaking) was in Kathmandu when the earthquake hit and has since been working tirelessly to provide initial emergency relief to some of the most hard hit areas and now he is focusing on more long term aid, starting with rebuilding the homes of three of his staff.

When asked, what does Nepal need and how can we help, this was his response.

‘Right now, Nepal needs cash. We need money to help the people most in need. Because of the way our government works, it is not effective to send goods into the country, they will get stuck in the airport for who knows how long. We also need awareness, Nepal is dropping out of the media far too quickly, but with monsoon soon approaching this situation is getting more drastic every day. 

And in a few months, what we need most, is tourism. Tourism is they way that this country will rebuild and get the economy back on track. If we have no tourism, Nepal has no money to rebuild the damage done. 

I do not mean you should jump on a plane now, but by October when things have settled slightly, Nepal will be ready. All the hotels in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara are relatively unaffected. You will be supporting bus companies, teahouses, trekking companies, rafting companies, restaurants. The list goes on, and with it you support the families of everyone working in the industry 

And for kayakers and rafters, I would urge you to come sooner rather than later. There are a lot of dams being planned in a lot of our best rivers. From what we have seen and heard the rivers have been unaffected by this shock. At the moment we are concerned that people will be too afraid to travel to Nepal. And whilst many areas are in serious need and badly affected, most of the ‘tourist’ spots are back to normal already.”

If you are thinking of where to go on holiday this fall, think no further than Nepal!

To follow what Maila has been up to since the earthquake you can view here

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