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Five great features from this month’s new early summer issue of the Paddler ezine we think you’ll like…

Aniol Serrasolses interview; Steffan Meyric Hughes – Two nations separated by a common language; Perfecting static turns by Paul Bull; Accessing the hidden wilderness of Patagonia by Erin Bastian

the paddler ezine

Aniol Serrasolses interview

the paddler ezine

We get to sit down and have a natter with one of the World’s most exciting extreme kayakers, Spain’s Ariol Serrasolses. Find what drives him on, what would be his ultimate achievement, favourite rivers amd likes and dislikes. Great interview, great paddler.

Two nations separated by a common language

the paddler ezine

American modifications to English used to be a staple lament of the English. We used to complain bitterly that they removed the ‘u’ from ‘colour’, ‘favour’ and so on; that their expression was intemperate and crude, their new words so often rooted in the enthusiasms of the day rather than in the scholarly traditions of Greek and Latin.
By Steffan Meyric Hughes

Perfecting static turns

the paddler ezine

In our paddling history, at one time we will have all been taught the forward and reverse sweep stroke – a big wide stroke, starting at the front of the boat and finishing at the rear – “like you’re painting a rainbow in the water”! However, have you ever questioned whether the sweep stroke is the best way of statically turning an open canoe?
By Paul Bull

Accessing the hidden wilderness of Patagonia

the paddler ezine

Sea kayaking is just an excuse to travel the world, access hidden wildernesses and explore the corners where no one else goes. This is how I ended up, in the remotest region of Patagonia, toughing out blizzards and eating freeze dried food, for weeks on end.
By Erin Bastian

Testing, testing…

the paddler ezine

Find out what Richard Harpham thought of the Dagger Roam kayak, Phil Carr on the Royale spraydeck by Immersion Research and the Sweet Wanderer helmet. Dale Mears tests the EasyCover Silicone camera case, whilst we at the Paddler look over the Palm Meander PFD, Palm Vantage jacket, Peak UK’s Tourlite Storm and Helly Hansen’s Hydropower 4 shoes.

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