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Three more great stories in the next issue of The Paddler ezine

steffan meyrik hughes

You call it class, I call it grade… let’s call the whole thing five

Steffan Meyric Hughes on two nations separated by a common language

American modifications to English used to be a staple lament of the English. We used to complain bitterly that they removed the ‘u’ from ‘colour’, ‘favour’ and so on; that their expression was intemperate and crude, their new words so often rooted in the enthusiasms of the day rather than in the scholarly traditions of Greek and Latin. These days, most of us just speak in American English – perhaps unconsciously (“I’m good” for instance, has largely taken over from “I’m well”). Nowhere has this backdoor cultural hegemony been stronger than in kayaking, starting with the word ‘kayak’ itself.

Powered Up vs Low Brace by Corran Addison


To say the debate rages about the advantages and disadvantages of running rapids ‘powered up’ with a vertical and active paddle blade, verses the supportive ‘passive’ alternative of resting on a low brace, would be an incorrect statement. This is primarily because most SUP paddlers in white water have not even thought about it – the ‘go-to’ is simply a low brace, and that’s the end of it. Photographed by Christine Pinsonneault.

Accessing the hidden wilderness of Patagonia by Erin Bastian


Sea kayaking is just an excuse to travel the world, access hidden wildernesses and explore the corners where no one else goes and that’s how you end up in the remotest region of Patagonia, toughing out blizzards and eating freeze dried food, for weeks on end. Erin, Lee Franklin and Mike Burnett supported by Palm Equipment, VE Paddles and Force Ten, took on the challenge that was so huge, they questioned whether they would reach the finish line.

The early summer issue of The Paddler ezine will be published on June 15th. In the meantime catch up with the latest issue at:

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