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MacWet Celebrates National Go Canoe Week-‘The Road to Rio’

mac wet gloves

It’s time to celebrate National Go Canoe Week on the ‘Road to Rio’ with MacWet gloves!

With National Go Canoe Week just around the corner 23rd-31st May 2015 and the 2016 Olympics only a year away it’s the perfect opportunity to try out MacWet gloves. The aim of National Go Canoe Week 2015 is to collectively paddle the distance from the UK to Rio and back that’s 24,901 miles! The aim of the week is to inspire people to get out on the water, take part and join in the excitement. In Honour of this MacWet gloves are giving away a free pair of gloves!

The first of their kind, MacWet’s range of sports gloves are made from a uniquely responsive fabric which automatically adjusts to the climate to maintain maximum comfort, sensitivity and feel at all times. With an unrivalled ‘all grip, no slip’ the high quality, high performance gloves have a superb fit for maximum control across all climatic conditions. An essential piece of kit for water sport enthusiasts, the gloves provide 100% grip even when wet, giving you the edge over the competition.

The unique, breathable Aquatec fabric used on the palms and fingers of the gloves minimises the effects of humidity, perspiration and precipitation by actively drawing moisture away from the hand. Whether wet or dry, the gloves retain their soft feel and with a natural drying time of just 5-10 minutes, there’s no need to change your gloves to maintain your performance.

The brand currently offers two high quality ranges in fourteen sizes – both available in short or long cuff lengths. MacWet’s original mesh glove which is available in six different colours has been specifically designed to aid circulation around the hand. The new Climatec glove range is available in four different colours and has been developed to offer protection from the elements. The fleece lined material increases the warmth and comfort of the glove.

The high quality gloves are durable and machine washable making them a long lasting investment at £27.99. Used by various sporting personalities and other hobbies, MacWet gloves are becoming a must have item for over 35 varied sports. Ensure you’re protected by an unrivalled performance glove – MacWet.

The MacWet glove marks a turning point in glove technology with characteristics that ensure user comfort, durability and performance.

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