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Freya Hoffmeister completes solo circumnavigation of South America

Freya Hoffmeister
One of the greatest accomplishments in paddling history – the first solo circumnavigation of South America – was completed in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Friday, May 1, by German kayaker and endurance record holder Freya Hoffmeister, aboard her Point 65 Sweden expedition kayak.
Successfully undertaking an expedition epic in scope, Hoffmeister departed Buenos Aires heading south on August 30, 2011. Paddling into port from the north four years later in her Point 65 FREYA 18-foot expedition kayak, Hoffmeister completed a voyage never before attempted, arriving with an escort from the Argentinian Coast Guard – Naval Prefecture Argentina and greeted by international fanfare. Hoffmeister’s four-year journey ended at the historic Argentine ship Fregata Sarmiento, where she was welcomed by dignitaries as the Naval Prefecture Band played on the Puente de la Mujer, the “Woman’s Bridge.”
“My Point 65 expedition kayak has performed flawlessly,” said Hoffmeister, who praised the stability and efficiency of the craft in even the roughest conditions. “It has beautiful, outstanding lines. This boat cannot be mixed up with any other boat on the market.”
Hoffmeister’s success in the southern hemisphere is just the latest in her series of unprecedented kayaking accomplishments, including the fastest kayak circumnavigation of Australia (and the first by a woman) and the fastest circumnavigation of New Zealand. Her harrowing Australian journey is chronicled in Joe Glickman’s “Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent.”
Hoffmeister’s Point 65 FREYA 18-foot expedition kayak was built for long, unsupported expeditions and tours in collaboration with Hoffmeister and Swedish designer Magnus De Brito (Porsche, Agipi Marine, Pirelli Boats) to achieve the ideal combination of speed, stability and comfort. With this latest accomplishment from Hoffmeister, the Point 65 FREYA has already become part of one of the greatest adventures in kayaking history. For more on Hoffmeister, check out her blog.
About Point 65 Sweden
Founded in 1996 and dedicated to quality, form and function through Scandinavian design, Point 65 is one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in the world. Point 65 offers a wide range of paddle sports products, packs and bags highlighted by its acclaimed line of modular, take-apart kayaks and SUPs. The Snap-Tap take-apart system allows boats to be disassembled into manageable sections for easy storage and transport inside a vehicle. Modular watercraft eliminate the need to lift a kayak onto a roof rack along with costly and complex transportation mechanisms such as trailers and lift-assist roof racks. The proprietary modular system also allows the versatility of a boat that can be assembled as either a tandem or solo craft. For additional media information about Point 65 Sweden, contact Richard Ohman at Point 65 Sweden. 
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