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Esquif Canoes will resume production

esquif canoes

The Esquif Canoe Company announces today that their factory will resume production. A supply problem in raw material had pushed the company into bankruptcy last March. The creditors have agreed to a buyback proposal of the assets from the president and founder of Esquif, Mr. Jacques Chassé.

“We are now able to produce the highly-technical material required to manufacture our boats,” announces president and founder of Esquif Canoes, Jacques Chassé.

Raw Material
Last year, the U.S. manufacturer of Royalex announced the end of its production line, thus cutting off supplies to Esquif. “We needed a solution, but the research and the development required to manufacture such a highly-specialized technical material requires much time and resources. We ran a bit short on both!” explains the company founder.

“Fortunately, we proved that Esquif was viable and that we are now ready to initiate the manufacturing of the new T-Formex that will replace Royalex”. The company also intends to operate a sales branch dedicated to T-Formex. The new product is an ABS plastic with a foam core. “While being ultra light, our development has enabled us to make T-Formex highly resistant to scratches, impacts and UV rays,” affirms Mr. Chassé adding that, “he market’s interest for such a product is significant and many customers have already placed an order for the specialized plastic.”

Renowned worldwide, Esquif Canoes will distribute, once again, their exceptional boats in fall 2015. “Our company is based on innovation and passion, it is these two strengths that have kept us going,” states Mr. Chassé.

A passion for canoes
“We have revolutionized the world of whitewater canoes with cutting-edge boats that have appealed to amateurs and professionals,” says Mr. Chassé adding that our lake and expedition canoes are very much esteemed in the paddling community. “The creation and the manufacturing of our boats remains the company’s priority.”

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