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KS-Inuksuk Paddle review

KS-Inuksuk Paddle

By Frode Wiggen

Looking for a new greenland style paddle? Then perhaps try this new paddle from Kajak Sport – Inuksuk. The Kajak-Sport’s latest paddle is their handcrafted Greenland paddle made in Finland.

Named the Inuksuk, the paddle was officially launched at Paddle Expo, Nürnberg at the end of September with the paddle being made available for sale after the expo through their dealer world wide network. Kajak-Sport wanted to create something historical and unique with the latest technology available, and they have succeeded. This paddle looks very much the part!

KS-Inuksuk Paddle

The West Greenland style Inuksuk has smooth and well finished seamless edges, which are comfortable in use. Light high-end core construction allowed re-design the blade profile to make it more efficient without fibrillation. The profile also offers higher yet stable traction for maintaining good cruising speed.

Split construction with 13 cm length, the adjustment offers plenty more options in use. With length adjustment Inuksuk will basically fit all paddlers with different style of kayaks.

The paddle is awesome for both rolling and paddling. Inuksuk has a matt finish and an oval loom, which gives you a very good grip. The locking system is on the outside of the paddle, and the fit is very tight. The flex on this paddle is also very good and makes it very comfortable to use.

Tech specs: Weight: 750 g. Material: carbon. Made in Finland

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