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Real Turmat

Real Turmat

By Frode and Wivian Wiggen

Drytech is a Norwegian company, established in 1989 with a long list of excellent clients including the Norwegian armed forces, police, fire departments and some of the greatest explorers in the world. 

Real Turmat

Drytech produce ‘Real Turmat’, which is a high-quality freeze dried food that comes in three different meal varieties for food throughout the day.

  • A breakfast muesli in two recipes.
  • Lunchtime soups in three recipes.
  • Dinner casseroles in 13 recipes.

Several of their products are gluten-free and without milk and they even have a vegetarian casserole. Perfect for all outdoor activity and for kayaking we give it two thumbs up! Why? It is very easy to make and all you need is hot water and a spoon!

  • Tear bag open, no tools required.
  • Add water to level indicated on the back of the bag.
  • Stir, close the bag with the zip lock.
  • Wait for five minutes, or do some moves to get your body heat back.
  • Eat and enjoy your hot meal.
  • Roll the bag together, no dish washing.
  • Paddle on!

The food is high in nutritional value whilst providing plenty of energy. The vacuumed packed bags are low in volume and weigh in at only 140 grams – ideal for expeditions or multi-day trips. If are you are planning to travel around the world, you can bring some of these meals to be sure that you get enough energy and food you are familiar with without too much baggage.

And yes, of course it also tastes good – the main reason why we enjoy Real Turmat! Our personal favourite for paddling in cold conditions is the Meat Soup, which also warms your hands for five minutes on the hot bag, before you enjoy your meal.

Read more about Real Turmat and the nutritional value on their webpage

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