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Mythic Gear’s new Matsu and Kiwa drysuits

Mythic Gear

Comfort, visibility, durability enhancements on breathable suits for hundreds of dollars less

ROCKPORT, ME – Mythic Gear’s new Matsu and Kiwa drysuits feature enhanced comfort and visibility while retaining the company’s signature low prices. Both are front-entry unisex paddlesports drysuits made from breathable, three-layer nylon fabric. The Kiwa model features a relief zipper while the Matsu does not.

Priced hundreds of dollars less than other drysuits, Matsu and Kiwa have solid features. A new tailoring pattern provides greater freedom of motion and comfort while paddling, rowing or sailing. Improved fabric has a moisture vapor transmission rate—a measure of breathability—of 10,000 gm/m2/day (grams of water per square meter per day): this is an increase of 150% over Mythic Gear’s previous models.

The handsome red fabric and a band of reflective material across the chest give high visibility in low-light conditions, and a layer of Oxford-weave nylon fabric protects the drysocks against leaks. Zippers and latex gaskets were sourced from SCUBA suppliers and are tough and reliable.

Mythic Gear was founded with a mission to make high-quality drysuits affordable to recreational paddlers. The Matsu is priced at $325 and the Kiwa at $395. The only lower-priced breathable drysuits from a North American company are Mythic Gear’s own Sobek and Enki Relief, at $250 and $325, respectively. All Mythic Gear drysuits are covered by a one-year warranty.

For more information, visit or call 530-350-MYTH (6984).

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