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Jackson Kayaks Ships New Zen

Jackson Zen

A new river running creekboat hybrid from the leading whitewater manufacturer aims at delivering on the Urban Dictionary definition of its serene name. Jackson Kayak’s new Zen aims to allow paddlers to attain a “state of calmness and confidence on the river.”

“From bony creeks to high-volume epics like the Grand Canyon, the Zen’s planing hull allows the boat to effortlessly boof over rocks, holes, and boils while being smooth and precise as a sushi knife for surfing, carving and spinning,” Jackson Kayak president Eric “EJ” Jackson enthused. “The Zen is the complete package. It zips in and out of eddies, surfs great and is quick and stable for rowdier conditions.”

Since its debut in 2012 the medium size Zen became Team Jackson Kayak’s boat of choice for competing in some of the worlds’ most demanding steep creek races like the Green, Alseseca, Sickline and the Whitewater Grand Prix. Now available in small and large sizes too, performance features that pros demand in the Zen deliver benefits to even the most casual fair-weather boater.

Design improvements in the new 2015 edition of this versatile whitewater classic take the Zen paddler to an uber state of coolness and inner peace thanks to changes such as these:

  • Increased volume for more storage and a super forgiving ride
  • Better ergonomics for long days on the river.
  • Improved bow rocker lets the Zen ride over holes easier and the boat resurfaces easily even if you plunge it deep.
  • A higher parting line to make the Zen more forgiving and enhances secondary stability.

Equipped with built-in Go Pro mounts to capture each Zen river experience on film and a Nalgene bottle to keep hydrated, the Zen comes in small, medium and large sizes and a choice of five colors: solid lime or red and Technicolor Sunrise, Wolverine or Tie-Dye. MSRP $1199.

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