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Lowepro Dashpoint AVC cases

Lowepro Dashpoint AVC cases

By Dale Mears

These purpose built lightweight composite cases have been designed for use with all action cameras. I’ve been using both the AVC1 and AVC2 for a while now and both are handy sizes for storing your gadgetry! 

Lowepro Dashpoint AVC cases

The AVC1 is the smaller of the two cases ideal for holding a single camera and accessories or two action cameras. This case lives in the boot of my car usually carrying a Joby Suction Cup and a few other bits and bobs and a Contour camera. The case features an easy to open zip with a good plastic keyring to open easy even if damp or muddy. Inside you are greeted with a slightly padded lined case and a simple velcro divider that can be placed to suit. In the top section of the case is a drop down divider that features a velcro flap that secures it and prevents it from opening. Inside this flap panel is a removable piece of lined and padded board with various elastic attachment loops for securing your bits and bobs, mine generally has relevant cables, attachments etc.

The larger AVC2 case is roughly double the size allowing you to store much more within the case. The AVC features two dividers and a larger top section so more accessories can be stored such as remotes, mounts etc.

Both cases come in a navy and black colour scheme and feature a grab loop which you can use to attach to a carabiner or backpack with ease. These cases also easily stow away in a backpack and are very compact.

I find them very useful and a great way to protect my action cam gear. At a low price tag of £26 and £30 respectively, these are quite affordable.

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